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Do you travel for events?

Yes we do. While we do most of our events in Washington, we are open to travel just about anywhere!

How far advance should we book with you?

While we encourage booking ahead of time, we are open to booking 2-12 months ahead! We are officially booking 2023 and still have a few dates open in 2022.

Where can you deliver to?


We are in currently in Seattle Washington so we do most of our bouquet and arrangement deliveries in the Tacoma/Seattle area, however we are more than happy to venture further(travel fees may apply)

Do you have a minimum? What is your average quote?

Our minimum is $1,500+ for small events. We are a small team, so we prefer to work with smaller events meaning we only go up to a medium size events!

Each quote is different and personalized. Each events is unique in its own way so we do not have standard packages. If something you would like to incorporate is out of budget, we are more than happy to get creative!

What can I do with the flowers after?

Allow guests to take them home! Even possibly as party favors

Pass them out to strangers and make their day

Take them to hospitals and elderly homes

Donate them to funeral homes for those who can not afford flowers or fill the holders at cemeteries

Dispose of them (either us or you) 

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