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The Artist behind Zorysflowers

My fiancé then, husband now and I were getting married in September of 2020. We wanted to keep it intimate, simple and personal. Creating our own florals, dimming all of the lights and covering the venue in candles. I have always been naturally creative, but when I started putting my bridal bouquet together
 I fell in love with the art of it all instantly. Prepping the flowers, spending time playing with the structure and shape, and seeing what could come of my own two hands!
A week later my fiancé surprised me with my first pair of flower cutters and about a year and a half later I am creating for people through earths art, flowers!

Our goal with this business is to bring people closer together through mother nature. We draw inspiration from the environment around us, and as an extension of those we create for. We gravitate to creating more organic earthy, fun but romantic floral work. Our work is crafted with seasonal florals and is always evolving. No two arrangements are exactly the same and we like to think thats the best part.  
As a christian, we also pray over all of our couples to have to most loving wedding day. For them to fall in love with what God allows my hands to create for them.
We work on everything from weddings and small events to bouquet deliveries.
Shoot us an email to create together!


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